Beverlin Specialty Tube – we’re at the CORE of what you do_water purifier 2021 model

2022-08-13 11:30:09
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Beverlin Specialty Tube – we’re at the CORE of what you do

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Beverlin Specialty Tube is the recognized industry leader for perforated filter cores and has been for 46 years. Supplying various industries and the most demanding customers worldwide, covering Industrial, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Nuclear, Defense, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Medical and more.

We can build any type of core that our customer needs: any diameter, length, material type, thickness and perforation pattern.

Beverlin is vertically integrated, including in-house perforating. We can supply product in both straight weld seam and spiral weld seam. Additionally, we provide the cores finished and ready for your filter assembly.

For stainless cores, we offer vibratory deburring, washing, passivate & electropolishing. For mild steel cores, we offer tin plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, black phosphate, oil and e-coat. For aluminum we offer anodize.

All cores are NOT created equal

We take great responsibility & pride in producing cores for our customers. Our products are at the very CORE of each & every one of our customers products – our customers know that they can always count on Beverlin. Our customers know that failure is not option, and that failure is fatal.

  1. Delivery – Customers have to be able to depend on having the cores when they need them so they can fill their orders – we recognize that On Time Delivery is paramount. We also hold Kanban’s & safety stock for our customers.
  2. Quality – We have a Zero PPM mindset. ‘’Built to Last, Right From the Start.’’ We ensure our products meet the customers drawings and quality requirements – making sure our customers can stay focused on building & selling filters.
  3. Filter Performance – Our customers depend on us to provide dimensionally accurate & round cores with the proper flow so that their media and filters can be at their optimum.
  4. No Burrs! – Hands Down, Beverlin’s proprietary perforating process provides the smoothest & best hole quality available today. The industry standard or ‘’just good enough’’ is not OK. We know & understand that the filter is the last line of defense and just how critical that is to the media itself and the downstream effects.

Our difference

  • We strive to be ‘’Customer Fanatics’’ and provide our customers with an unparalleled level of customer service.
  • “We Can If’’ approach – we have always been dedicated to a ‘’We Can IF’’ approach vs. a ‘’we can’t because’’ mentality. It proved to be especially important over these last 2 years with the pandemic and the challenges with the supply chain.
  • We have invested in a Strong Support Structure of leaders, manufacturing & quality engineers, customer advocates, supervisors, journeyman tool makers and a dedicated & exceptionally customer focused manufacturing team. We have the resources we need to best serve our customers and their portfolios.
  • We collaborate with our customers to help them meet their needs (designs, quality improvements, cost reductions, Kanban’s, etc.)

You can count on Beverlin to be the CORE that you build on. |

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