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A Home Appliance We Must Know: Water Purifiers

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The river water has long been polluted by waste water and industrial sewage from human continuous irrigation.
In order to solve the problem of drinking water, people began to buy bottled water, so that they can avoid drinking those unclean sewage, which seems to be a good solution.
But what you don't know is that unscrupulous merchants add bleaching powder to tap water, and many unidentified bottled water use the plastic seal of "high-quality drinking water special barrel" to deceive consumers...
Under such an environmental background, the water purifier came into being. The emergence of water purifiers has helped people solve the problem of drinking water.
But today, there are still many friends who are not so clear about the role of water purifiers. Let us give you a detailed introduction to our AICKSN water purifiers.

Article 1: Solve the secondary pollution of tap water

In daily life, most people think that boiling water can kill all bacteria. It is very safe to drink such water. In fact, this is a wrong view.
"WTF?! Can't even drink boiled water?" In some cases, tap water is susceptible to secondary pollution after long-distance transportation through pipelines, containing sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances, and bacterial corpses.

Therefore, people are used to boiling water for drinking, but doing so does not remove harmful substances. On the contrary, it also has the opposite effect, increasing the concentration of harmful substances. Moreover, after the water is boiled, the hardness of the water cannot be softened, it is very easy to form a large amount of scale, and the oxygen content is reduced, which is not conducive to human metabolism.

Article 2: The best alternative to bottled water

Tap water is not the ideal drinking water solution, is bottled water? There is also a brief introduction to the bottled water incident above. There are countless fake bottled water incidents exposed on the Internet. It can be clearly said that bottled water has completely "hurt the hearts of consumers". .

By the way, even if there is no problem with bottled water itself, it has a short storage time, is easily deteriorated, and is left open after being connected to a water dispenser, which will be polluted by pollutants in the air. So it's not an ideal drinking water solution anyway.

Article 3: Meet the standard of raw drinking, the cost is lower

Speaking of this, many people will ask, is such high-end and healthy water expensive? actually not! For example: the price of a barrel of high-quality bottled water is about 15 yuan, and a barrel of water made by a water purifier may be less than 0.5 yuan, which is one-thirtieth of the bottled water. . Of course, there are also cheap bottled water, and there are also cheap ones that cost 5 yuan a barrel, but do you dare to drink such cheap bottled water?

According to incomplete statistics, the filter element of a water purifier can intercept a large amount of rust, organic matter, sediment impurities, lead and so on in one year. The above organic matter and heavy metal ions are drunk into the body within a year, and gradually accumulate every year. It is conceivable how much harm it will cause to the human body. So invest 5 cents a day to install a water purifier, which can not only drink directly, taste good, but also protect the health of the family! Why not do it?

It is not difficult to see that compared with boiling water and bottled water, there are many benefits of using a water purifier. It is foreseeable that water purifiers will lead a new round of fashionable home improvement trends and become the mainstream trend of household drinking water in the future.

Water Purifier

Using PP cotton granular activated carbon filter
Reverse osmosis RO membrane followed by activated carbon,
Effectively filter dissolved matter, bacteria, impurities in water
And heavy metal ions, etc., absorb the color and odor in water.
Good water is no burden, health is simple

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