Aicksn won the 2021 "Leading Brand of Commercial Water Purification" Award_water purifier 3 stage

2022-08-13 11:41:02
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Aicksn won the 2021 "Leading Brand of Commercial Water Purification" Award

Views : 57 Update time : 2021-12-29 17:40:04 Recently, the "2021 China Healthy Environment Electrical Appliance Industry Summit" hosted by was grandly held in the Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel. With the theme of "Resonance of Digital Intelligence, Detonating the Future", the annual outstanding brand was selected from many outstanding brands, products and solutions in the water purification appliance industry, and the future development of the healthy environment appliance industry was jointly discussed.2021 Commercial Water Purification Leading BrandAicksn has been committed to the treatment and improvement of air, water and environment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating OEM, ODM and independent brands. It provides users with smart water purification solutions. Industry colleagues, industry experts and leaders, outstanding corporate representatives and media friends gathered together. After multiple rounds of selection, Aicksn finally won the "2021 Commercial Water Purification Leading Brand" award, continuing the brand's hard core strength.2021 Commercial Water Purification Leading BrandAccording to the organizer, the "Leading Brand of Commercial Water Purification" makes in-depth reference to the company's market size, customer evaluation and competitive strength in the field of commercial water purification. Winning the "Leading Brand of Commercial Water Purification" heavyweight award is the industry's recognition of Aicksn's product quality, innovation strength and brand influence. It also affirms Aicksn's contribution to improving healthy drinking water for all and promoting the implementation of the Healthy China Plan.

In 2019, a pandemic that swept across the world made people begin to cherish their health very much. From the perspective of people’s search volume and attention to health products, in addition to masks, water purifiers rank second, and online orders for water purifiers have also shown a rapid growth trend during the epidemic. Limited to drinking healthy water at home, I gradually look forward to drinking healthy and safe drinking water at any time outside. Especially in shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports and other public places, the demand for commercial water purifiers is very strong, and the market potential is huge.2021 Commercial Water Purification Leading BrandAicksn has been committed to providing users with all-weather safe drinking water service solutions, especially in common commercial scenarios with significant advantages. Through the directly-operated after-sales service team and the full coverage of the service network in Mainland China, Aicksn can provide customers with full-process services from solution design, logistics, installation to post-maintenance, and filter replacement. An integrated service solution will bring users Maximum convenience and efficiency. In core commercial scenes such as shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, etc., the Aicksn water purifiers that can be seen everywhere more intuitively demonstrate the brand influence of the "leading brand of commercial water purification". 
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