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Application fields of commercial water purification equipment

Views : 52 Update time : 2021-12-30 17:39:27 Commercial purified water treatment systems are as important as domestic water. The use of commercial purified water treatment systems now provides greater protection for whole-house purification and commercial water use. Commercial water purification systems are also used in many fields. Let's take a look together. Application areas of commercial water purification systems:
1. Circulating cooling water: central air-conditioning, smelting, water-cooled air-conditioning
2. Flower and breeding water: flower nursery, tissue culture; fish breeding, ornamental fish, etc.
3. Swimming pool water purification: indoor swimming pool, outdoor landscape pool, etc.
4. Water for alcoholic beverages: liquor, beer, wine, carbonated beverages, tea beverages, dairy products, health products
5. Drinking water: purified water, mineral water, mountain spring water, bottled water, etc.
6. Food processing water: cold food, canned food, poultry, livestock meat processing, vegetable finishing, etc.
7. High-quality drinking water: communities, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, troops,
8. Ultra-pure water in the electronics industry: "monocrystalline silicon semiconductors, integrated circuit blocks, liquid crystal displays, etc.
9. Water for the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical preparations, large infusions, natural substance extraction, traditional Chinese medicine drinks, etc.
10.Textile and papermaking water: printing and dyeing water, water jet loom water, papermaking white water, etc.
11.Industrial production water for enterprises and institutions: water for washing glass, automobiles, ultrapure water for electroplating, painting, paint, paint, boiler softened water, etc.
12. Water for fine chemicals: cosmetics, detergents, bioengineering, genetic engineering, etc.
13. Seawater brackish water desalination: production of drinking water from islands, ships, and saline-alkali areas
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